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Big, Giant Things!
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"Dear God... thank you for my life.... I forgot... how big..."
--"Joe vs. the Volcano"

Giant things. Let's face it: They're awesome. Remember the last time you stood next to something impressively large? Witnessed the amazing grace of an elephant, a whale, or climbed a mountain, gotten up close and personal with a giant sequoia? Stop chuckling, I'll get to that part... Or laid back and gazed into an enormous, starry sky and gripped the giant rock behind you the better not to fall off?

Even things *psychologically* large, a gigantic personality or a work of art or a song that wallops you over the head.

So I guess in a way, this community is a celebration of the wonder of life, or, something. I want people to share their brushes with awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur. Anecdotes and pictures, you know the stuff.

Sure, penises and boobies count too.